Three dimensional acceleration tester

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  The eaa-122 3d acceleration tester is designed according to the requirements of GB/T 24474-2009 "elevator ride quality measurement". It is used to record and analyze the equipment of elevator vibration and acceleration curve. The equipment is suitable for elevator installation, maintenance, fault diagnosis and comfort assessment.

  1. Main functions

  Record and analyze elevator vibration and acceleration curve.

  Ii. Main technical features

  1. The structure is exquisite and convenient to carry, and the vibration acceleration detection can be carried out in three directions of X, Y and Z, and the corresponding speed, displacement and acceleration curves are given.

  2. Have the quick precision calibration function, and check the test conditions on its own, avoid empty running, and ensure the validity of the test data.

  3. Open operation interface, can set the measurement number, time and time adjustment on its own.

  4. Easy operation, remote control, automatic stop, reliable U disk storage.

  5. The software has high and low concern fluctuation energy, convenient to eliminate interference, and automatically generate the boundary according to the national standard, calculate the speed, acceleration, and speed reduction equivalent.

  6. Provide battery power for testing and data storage.

  7. The diagram of acceleration, vibration and displacement can easily find the root and location of elevator problems.

  8. Directly produce the test result printing report, which can be analyzed separately.

  9. The instrument is supported by three points to ensure the stability of the test process instrument.

  3. Main technical parameters

  1. Dimensions: 275mm x 240mm x 125mm.

  2. Power demand: bring your own battery (rechargeable).

  3. Frequency weighting (vibration) : X, Y, Z axis (256Hz).

  4. Resolution (vibration) : 0.005 m/s2.

  5. Resolution (acceleration) : 0.01 m/s2.

  6. Measuring range: plus or minus 2.5 gn.

Product parameters
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